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More stakeholders investing in Medical Insights

New Deal

The start-up now sealed cooperation agreements with leading medical associations and renowned investors. Adrian Bult, Karl Landert and Thomas Kirchhofer join as members of Medical Insights’ board of directors. Check out our latest press release, available both in English and German.

Insights Orthopedics featured on Review

It’s been almost six months since we started our journey with Insights Orthopedics development and the App Store world. We’ve been working hard, learned already many things about everything Apple and iOS, and are happy with the results so far. Of course, we are so much happier whenever someone gets to notice all our efforts. Reviews speak for themselves. Below is just a citation taken from the recent review regarding Insights Orthopedics, and we chose it because it summarizes pretty well what it is all about. Go read it, try it by yourself, and don’t forget to spread the word!

Using Insights, it is conceivable that an orthopedic surgeon would not need to consult a regular journal again.

Tom Lewis,