Insights Veterinary Reviewed Full Text

We have marked all reviewed Journal Club Articles and put them all into our newly created section called “Reviewed Full Text Articles”. In order to access those articles please open the app and go to the Journal Club Must Reads. Then click on the large tile “Reviewed Full Text Articles” and you will have access to all free full text articles that have been discussed by participating Journal Clubs.

Here is also on overview of all articles:

1. Age effects on blood gas, spirometry, airway reactivity, and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid cytology in clinically healthy horses, full text article
2. Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome in humans and animals, full text article
3. Factors associated with survival to hospital discharge following endoscopic treatment for synovial sepsis in 214 horses., full text article
4. Comparison of primary vaccination regimes for equine influenza: working towards an evidence-based regime, full text article
5. Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation Provides an Additional Benefit to a Low-Dust Diet in the Management of Horses with Chronic Lower Airway Inflammatory Disease, full text article
6. Repeatability and intra- and inter-observer agreement of cervical vertebral sagittal diameter ratios in horses with neurological disease, full text article
7. Ultrasonographic findings in 38 horses with septic arthritis/tenosynovitis, full text article
8. Rater agreement of visual lameness assessment in horses during lungeing, full text article
9. Disease associated with equine coronavirus infection and high case fatality rate, full text article