The New Personalized Medical INSIGHTS

A while ago we at Medical INSIGHTS noticed that what our users wanted was personalized knowledge recommendations. The introduction of our new Reading Zones marks the beginning of our transition to a personalized knowledge platform.

Why we are going personalized

Our goal has always been to provide Health Care Professionals with the best platform to discuss and interact with medical knowledge, and it has become more and more clear that personalization is the best way to do that. By providing personalized curated content, we also satisfy a common request from our users, who often state that there is simply too much information to discover manually.

A new way to discover

Going hand in hand with the Reading Zones are the new personalized Reading Digests that we began sending a few weeks ago. These digests are a more practical way for users to discover new knowledge. Now, instead of having to search manually, we’ll send you relevant, quality assured knowledge that fits your profile.

The new INSIGHTS Reading Zones

The new INSIGHTS Reading Zone

If you haven’t done so already, make sure to open the apps, or log-in to the new Reading Zones to select your interests. Doing so will help us ensure that you only receive the information that you deem important.

What’s next for INSIGHTS

Soon, we’ll also be launching the new INSIGHTS apps, which have been rebuilt with personalization and interaction in mind. We’ll provide a little bit more info on that once we get closer to release. For now, we hope that you enjoy the new personalized Digests and Reading Zones.

Log-in to the reading zones or download the apps to get started. We’d love your feedback, so if you have any thoughts don’t hesitate to contact us.

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