Introducing your Continuous Professional Development Tracker

Introducing your Continuous Professional Development Tracker

The “GPS” for your lifelong learning & training

INSIGHTS is proud to announce the launch of the Continuous Professional Development Tracker – Your online record of your actions, endeavours and achievements on INSIGHTS.

Image: my activities

Available now, the CPD Tracker is a dynamic record and overview of your ongoing professional learning and training activities, like article readings and shares, video views, or course participations. It allows you to monitor your continuous learning efforts and achievements and compare yourself to prior periods and peers. In addition, it is designed to provide you with continuous guidance on your individual learning and professional pathway, just like a GPS does.

You are in full control of what is tracked and saved in your record, and you can easily delete past activity from it. Soon, you will be able to also grant permissions to other users and third parties (like education providers or employers) to access all or parts of your CPD Tracker, and you will also have the ability to export and download your CPD Tracker in an easy-to-share format.


Accessing your Continuous Professional Development Tracker on INSIGHTS

  1. Log in to your INSIGHTS web application
  2. Find the “My Activities” page in the left sidebar

Editing your Record

  1. In “My Activities” click the three dots on a card to activate a dropdown
  2. Click “Delete” to remove the item from your Record


We welcome your feedback, ideas and questions. Let us know how we can make the Continuous Professional Development Tracker better – and your life easier.

To your continuous success! Thank you for being part of the INSIGHTS community.

Your team at Medical INSIGHTS

Watch our vision video below to see where INSIGHTS is going:

Vision Video


Introducing the INSIGHTS Reading Zones

The New Personalized Medical INSIGHTS

A while ago we at Medical INSIGHTS noticed that what our users wanted was personalized knowledge recommendations. The introduction of our new Reading Zones marks the beginning of our transition to a personalized knowledge platform.

Why we are going personalized

Our goal has always been to provide Health Care Professionals with the best platform to discuss and interact with medical knowledge, and it has become more and more clear that personalization is the best way to do that. By providing personalized curated content, we also satisfy a common request from our users, who often state that there is simply too much information to discover manually.

A new way to discover

Going hand in hand with the Reading Zones are the new personalized Reading Digests that we began sending a few weeks ago. These digests are a more practical way for users to discover new knowledge. Now, instead of having to search manually, we’ll send you relevant, quality assured knowledge that fits your profile.

The new INSIGHTS Reading Zones

The new INSIGHTS Reading Zone

If you haven’t done so already, make sure to open the apps, or log-in to the new Reading Zones to select your interests. Doing so will help us ensure that you only receive the information that you deem important.

What’s next for INSIGHTS

Soon, we’ll also be launching the new INSIGHTS apps, which have been rebuilt with personalization and interaction in mind. We’ll provide a little bit more info on that once we get closer to release. For now, we hope that you enjoy the new personalized Digests and Reading Zones.

Log-in to the reading zones or download the apps to get started. We’d love your feedback, so if you have any thoughts don’t hesitate to contact us.

INSIGHTS CMF is now Universal

All_devicesCMF Knowledge On All Platforms

Recently, we launched INSIGHTS Cranio-Maxillofacial on the iPhone, which marked the final step in our drive to be present on all major mobile platforms. With this release, we now have dedicated apps on iPad, iPhone, and Android.

One Platform, One Experience


Our Android version

The next few months will bring some major developments to the INSIGHTS platforms and it’s critical for us to be able to ensure that all users, no matter the device, will be able to enjoy them. Being universal was the most important step in realizing that goal, now that that’s done we can begin focussing on implementing the larger developments.

What’s On the Horizon

Building the iPhone version also let us work on a few things we’ve been planning on introducing to the INSIGHTS platform for a while. First up is personalization, which is a feature that will become the core of all the INSIGHTS platforms in the months to come. Beginning, though, we’re starting with a personalized e-mail digest that will deliver cutting edge developments in knowledge within the areas you care about. We built the personalization engine using machine learning and some other nifty algorithms that will only get smarter over time.

Get it Now

You can download the apps from the below link and as always its 100% free.


INSIGHTS Cranio-maxillofacial: Introducing Personalization and an Android Version


After successfully launching medical content-centric platforms on iPad for Cranio-Maxillofacial, Orthopedic and Veterinary Surgeons, Medical Insights AG is proud to announce the INSIGHTS platform expansion onto Android. Beginning with INSIGHTS Cranio-Maxillofacial, the new Android App marks the beginning of Medical Insights’ push to be present on every platform, to ensure surgeons a personalized experience wherever they choose to consume digital medical knowledge.

In line with this strategy, the Android app was designed from the ground up to be fully responsive. Being responsive allows us to guarantee our users an optimal user experience no matter the device size that they prefer using.

The launch of the Android app also coincides with the launch of another of our new services. Through constant evaluation of our user preferences and market needs, we have determined that a core functionality of the INSIGHTS experience going forward will be personalization. Beginning with personalized digests, user defined interests will be paired with intelligent algorithms and impact factor analysis to provide only the most relevant content to our users. With more medical articles being published than ever before we can ensure that surgeons are kept up to date with the developments that matter to them.

Medical Insights is a platform that is aiming to redefine the way HCP’s interact and consume with medical knowledge. Platform expansion and personalization are the first steps in a strategy that will bring value to all key parties in the medical knowledge landscape.

Download the INSIGHTS Cranio-Maxillofacial apps on iOS or Android from the links below and personalize the way you discover CMF knowledge.

Button_Play App_Store Button

AAOS March 24-28: Visit Orrin Franko’s talks about orthopedic apps

AAOS 2015 talks

Orrin Franko, an ambitious, young, tech savvy surgeon who has been one of our ambassadors from the early stage on and who is also the founder of, will be holding a couple of talks at this year’s AAOS annual meeting in Las Vegas. If you plan on going don’t miss out his talks in the Electronic Skills Pavilion:

Wednesday, March 25 3.30-4.15 PM and Friday, March 27 2.30-3.15 PM
Hottest NEW Apps for Orthopaedic Surgeons – 2015 Edition

Friday, March 27 1.30-2.15 PM
Open Access Journals in Orthopaedics – Can You Trust Them?

Insights Orthopedics: Top Articles and Videos in Feb’ 15

Please find a selection of the most popular articles and videos:

1. Comparison of ultrasound and electrodiagnostic testing for diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome: study using a validated clinical tool as the reference standard, read abstract
2. Associations Between Preoperative Physical Therapy and Post-Acute Care Utilization Patterns and Cost in Total Joint Replacement, read abstract
3. Distal radial fractures in older men: a missed opportunity? Read abstract
4. Is Neutral Mechanical Alignment Normal for All Patients? The Concept of Constitutional Varus, read full text here
5. Dr. Frisella Carpal Tunnel Release, watch here

Insights Veterinary: Free Full Text Access

Insights Veterinary Reviewed Full Text

We have marked all reviewed Journal Club Articles and put them all into our newly created section called “Reviewed Full Text Articles”. In order to access those articles please open the app and go to the Journal Club Must Reads. Then click on the large tile “Reviewed Full Text Articles” and you will have access to all free full text articles that have been discussed by participating Journal Clubs.

Here is also on overview of all articles:

1. Age effects on blood gas, spirometry, airway reactivity, and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid cytology in clinically healthy horses, full text article
2. Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome in humans and animals, full text article
3. Factors associated with survival to hospital discharge following endoscopic treatment for synovial sepsis in 214 horses., full text article
4. Comparison of primary vaccination regimes for equine influenza: working towards an evidence-based regime, full text article
5. Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation Provides an Additional Benefit to a Low-Dust Diet in the Management of Horses with Chronic Lower Airway Inflammatory Disease, full text article
6. Repeatability and intra- and inter-observer agreement of cervical vertebral sagittal diameter ratios in horses with neurological disease, full text article
7. Ultrasonographic findings in 38 horses with septic arthritis/tenosynovitis, full text article
8. Rater agreement of visual lameness assessment in horses during lungeing, full text article
9. Disease associated with equine coronavirus infection and high case fatality rate, full text article

Free Full Text Articles on Insights Orthopedics

Reviewed Full Text

Last week we implemented a new section for you that will make reading even more enjoyable on Insights Orthopedics. Just open our app and go to the Journal Club Must Reads. Then click on the large tile “Reviewed Full Text Articles” and you will have access to all free full text articles that have been discussed by participating Journal Clubs.

Please find below a selection of the free full texts:

Rady Children’s Specialists:
1. Examination and intervention for sinos tarsi syndrom, full text link
2. Resident vs. Fellow Surgical Education: Where Should They Learn How to Operate?, full text link
3. Introduction of Surgical Safety Checklists in Ontario, Canada, full text link

Rush Medical Center
1. The patient’s perspective on carpal tunnel surgery related to the type of anesthesia: a prospective cohort study, full text link
2. Arthroscopic Partial Meniscectomy versus Sham Surgery for a Degenerative Meniscal Tear, full text link
3. Surgery versus Physical Therapy for a Meniscal Tear and Osteoarthritis, full text link

Sport Fellows San Diego
1. Descriptive Epidemiology of the Multicenter ACL Revision Study (MARS) Cohort, full text link
2. The Function of the Human Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Analysis of Single- and Double-Bundle Graft Reconstructions, full text link
3. Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Throwing Elbow in the Uninjured, High School−Aged Baseball Pitcher, full text link

Stanford Arthritis Journal Club
1. Does A Kinematically Aligned Total Knee Arthroplasty Restore Function Without Failure Regardless of Alignment Category?, full text link
2. Is Neutral Mechanical Alignment Normal for All Patients? The Concept of Constitutional Varus, full text link
3. Weight Patterns Before And After Total Joint Arthroplasty And Characteristics Associated With Weight Change, full text link

Veterinary Journal Club – Reading Recommendation

Veterinary Journal Club
Here are the reviewed articles shared with us by our Veterinary Journal Clubs


1. Ability of the Tightrope and Percutaneous Lateral Fabellar Suture Techniques to Control Cranial Tibial Translation, read abstract
2. Effect of Tibial Plateau Angle on Cranial Cruciate Ligament Strain: An Ex Vivo Study in the Dog, read abstract


1. Stifle extension results in differential tensile forces developing between abaxial and axial components of the cranial meniscotibial ligament of the equine medial meniscus: a mechanistic explanation for meniscal tear patterns, read abstract
2. Deep digital flexor tendon rupture in two horses: A potential complication of comminuted second phalangeal fractures, read abstract
3. Quantitative assessment of the equine hoof using digital radiography and magnetic resonance imaging, read abstract
4. Lungeing on hard and soft surfaces: Movement symmetry oftrotting horses considered sound by their owners, read abstract
5. Risk of septic arthritis after intra-articular medication: a study of 16,624 injections in Thoroughbred racehorses, read abstract
6. Validity of laryngeal ultrasonography in reference to endoscopy at rest and during exercise in Warmblood horses, read abstract


1. Suspected acorn toxicity in nine horses, read abstract
2. Factors associated with survival to hospital discharge following endoscopic treatment for synovial sepsis in 214 horses, read abstract
3. Laryngoplasty in Standing Horses, read abstract
4. Ultrasonographic visualization of the liver in sites recommended for blind percutaneous liver biopsy in horses, read abstract
5. Comparison of primary vaccination regimes for equine influenza: working towards an evidence-based regime, read abstract
6. Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation Provides an Additional Benefit to a Low-Dust Diet in the Management of Horses with Chronic Lower Airway Inflammatory Disease, read abstract