The myAO interface has been redesigned—and relaunched—to be more intuitive and provide quick access to the features most relevant to surgeons: case sharing, posting, accessing groups, and scientific expertise.

At the end of June 2021, myAO’s brand-new interface was revealed. With over 25,000 users and a growth rate of nearly 500 percent in 2020, myAO is one of the fastest growing, most relevant digital networks of trauma and orthopedic surgeons worldwide.

For the new features, the myAO development team worked closely with over 20 surgeons—at various stages in their careers and representing all AO clinical divisions—to identify key enhancements and features needed to make myAO the essential tool for any surgeon worldwide.

As a result, myAO’s interface has become a lot more intuitive, now providing quick access to the application’s top features: posting, case sharing, access to groups of verified surgeons, and medical knowledge.

  • Share cases using a structure template and tagging functions, with the option of specifically separating pre-op, intra-op, post-op, and clinical/radiographic follow-up images.
  • The option to flag a case with “I need advice” to quickly get feedback from the surgeons’ network
  • Enhanced group functionality providing quick and easy access directly from the home screen: Surgeons can create their own public or private groups to share their expertise by posting clinical cases, images, documents, or links.
  • Get scientific article recommendations from selected peers.
  • Access the AO’s educational videos and surgery reference, as well as the leading journals.
  • Why not create your own group with your residents, fellows, or your AO network of expert friends? Interact and engage on myAO with your peers.

Access myAO ( for free on dedicated apps for iPhone, Android, and the web.

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