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Our first Asian partner on board

SGH on board

We are so proud to announce that we were able to gain the Orthopaedics Department of the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) as one of our partners for the Journal Club Reading Recommendation.

The SGH is the public sector’s flagship hospital which was established in 1821. It is a not-for-profit institution with a long tradition of providing affordable tertiary healthcare. As the bedrock of medical education, SGH continues to play a key role in nurturing doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, and is committed to innovative translational and clinical research. Read more about the hospital here.

Insights Orthopedics featured on Review

It’s been almost six months since we started our journey with Insights Orthopedics development and the App Store world. We’ve been working hard, learned already many things about everything Apple and iOS, and are happy with the results so far. Of course, we are so much happier whenever someone gets to notice all our efforts. Reviews speak for themselves. Below is just a citation taken from the recent review regarding Insights Orthopedics, and we chose it because it summarizes pretty well what it is all about. Go read it, try it by yourself, and don’t forget to spread the word!

Using Insights, it is conceivable that an orthopedic surgeon would not need to consult a regular journal again.

Tom Lewis,

Promoting EFORT inside Insights Orthopedics

Promoting EFORT Association

During the last year in operation, a lot has happened. Insights Orthopedics is now being used by a growing body of healthcare professionals around the world. We are very proud to serve our user base with an ever increasing wealth of medical content, as well as being a privileged mobile gateway for partners like EFORT, that we just started promoting within the app.

Insights Orthopedics on Orthopedics Today Europe

Orthopaedics Today Europe

We would like to thank Orthopedics Today Europe magazine for helping us spreading the word about Insights Orthopedics. Our flagship iPad app was designed from the ground up to simplify one of the most time consuming of all common healthcare professionals’ activities: accessing and managing the wealth of medical content available today, so that keeping up-to-date is now easier than ever.