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Insights Orthopedics: Top Articles and Videos in Feb’ 15

Please find a selection of the most popular articles and videos:

1. Comparison of ultrasound and electrodiagnostic testing for diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome: study using a validated clinical tool as the reference standard, read abstract
2. Associations Between Preoperative Physical Therapy and Post-Acute Care Utilization Patterns and Cost in Total Joint Replacement, read abstract
3. Distal radial fractures in older men: a missed opportunity? Read abstract
4. Is Neutral Mechanical Alignment Normal for All Patients? The Concept of Constitutional Varus, read full text here
5. Dr. Frisella Carpal Tunnel Release, watch here

Most popular veterinary articles and videos

Please find below the most popular reads on Insights Veterinary for the past 30 days

1. Feline Castration, watch video
2. Incidence and Type of Meniscal Injury and Associated Long-Term Clinical Outcomes in Dogs Treated Surgically for Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease, read abstract
3. Canine Castration, watch video
4. Cherry eye surgery, watch video
5. Effects of approach and injection volume on diffusion of mepivacaine hydrochloride during local analgesia of the deep branch of the lateral plantar nerve in horse, read abstract

Most popular orthopedic articles and videos

Please read what your surgeon community on Insights Orthopedics has been most interested in:

1. Moro Reflex – Everything You Need To Know, watch video
2. Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Fixation Options for Intertrochanteric Hip Fractures, read abstract
3. Outcomes after patellar realignment surgery for recurrent patellar instabilitydislocations: a minimum 3-year follow-up study of children and adolescents, read abstract
4. Cost-Effective Trauma Implant Selection: AAOS Exhibit Selection, read abstract
5. Patient-Reported Health Minimum 8 Years After Operatively Treated Displaced Sacral Fractures: A Prospective Cohort Study, read abstract

Top articles of the month on Insights Vet

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These are the articles that our readers were most interested in:

1. Cystotomy for urolith removal-bladder stone removal in a dog, abstract
2. Major complications and risk factors associated with surgical correction of congenital medial patellar luxation in 124 dogs, abstract
3. Gastric dilatation and volvulus in a brachycephalic dog with hiatal hernia, abstract
4. Rodent Gavage with plastic feeding tubes, abstract
5. Epidemiology of shivering (shivers) in horses, abstract
6. Pericardial lymphoma in seven cats, abstract
7. Atypical histopathological findings in a 15‐year‐old Warmblood gelding diagnosed with anhidrosis in a temperate climate, abstract
8. Shoulder joint hemiarthroplasty for treatment of a severe osteochondritis dissecans lesion in a dog, abstract
9. 17 Veterinary nursing, abstract
10. Venous air embolism detected on computed tomography of small animals, abstract