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Insights.MD provides partners with a service model that allows for cooperation on multiple levels of integration. Whether your goal is advertising, publishing or understanding, we offer solutions that fit your needs.
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The insights.MD Platforms are built to suit the needs of all the players in the medical industry - Use our unique systems to reach your goals.

Slide Advertising Content Integration Targeted Campaign & Event Marketing The fast entry track into a partnership with insights.MD is the conventional advertising path on sponsored content. This offering allows partners to position their advertisings on insights.MD various communication channels (apps, newsletters, web). The service includes a basic static service reporting the behavior of the community reactions on the advertisings. This service enables the partners to run targeted marketing campaigns on partner content, events and education to the insights.MD community or to their own community. The service includes the definition of the campaign, the design of the campaign face on the different channels, the targeted push out of the content and a standard analysis process. What We Offer Analytics The content integration service is offered to our partners to integrate and automatically classify their content. Using this service, the classified content will be compiled to Insights.MD's topic-specific reading digests and distributed by targeted publishing services to the various touch points. The access to this integrated content can be public or restricted to the partners own community. Insights.MD has developed and and maintains a fully GDPR compliant user tracking system to monitor Community Behavior. Using this service, the tracking of the actions and reactions of the users on content consumption, communications and campaigns, combined with context analysis allows our partners to analyze and conclude on the results of their marketing activities

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