Our vision

Empowering surgeons through digital innovation, combining the world's best network of surgeons with trusted knowledge to improve patient care.

By delivering personalized knowledge, fostering meaningful connections and exchange, we advance optimal and evidence-based care decisions.

Our ultimate goal is to be the driving force behind informed diagnostic and treatment decisions, leading to elevated patient care and well-being.

Together with healthcare professionals, medical associations and industry partners , we are shaping a world where every surgeon is equipped with the collective intelligence and support needed to advance healthcare outcomes.


Our commitment to Healthcare Professionals

Understanding surgeons' needs to accelerate their continuous professional development and individual empowerement.

Insights.MD digitally connects surgeons worldwide, across boarders, and provides smart and personalized knowledge and network recommendations. Developed with trusted partners, our future-ready, fully compliant networks enable healthcare professionals to share clinical cases, best practices, and surgical techniques.

Digital Health

Capturing and understanding data to better address medical needs

Insights.MD patented technology for intelligent content aggregation & classification integrates all relevant sourced and, combined with cutting-edge analytics and the power of AI, interconnects knowledge and translates into clinical practice.

Group 10045

Our areas of expertise

Over 80,000 surgeons worldwide trust our community network

We have established our footprint in the healthcare industry and developed the largest network of surgeons in Trauma and musculoskeletal disorders.

Developed with AO, the world's leading education, innovation, and research organization in the field, myAO gives you access to relevant, trusted sources of knowledge, moderated case discussions, and expertise across the AO’s specialties.

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